KC Auto Appraisal's Greg Denk, Sr. is the certified I-VAN appraiser in Kansas City, including Kansas, Missouri, and surrounding areas such as Wichita, Topeka, and Northern Missouri. Greg is certified to do:

Value Appraisals Pre-purchase Inspections
Replacement Value Appraisals Diminished Value Appraisals

Greg specializes in appraising new cars as well as classic and antique cars. Whether it's a daily driver or your one-of-a-kind muscle car, Greg has the expertise to give you a fair, reputable appraisal that you can count on.

KC Auto Appraisal travels to your home or office to appraise your vehicle. To accommodate your schedule, weekends and evenings are an option.

Why KC Auto Appraisal?

KC Auto Appraisal is different from other appraisers. Many appraisers lure you in with low rates, but you get what you pay for: poor appraisals that do not accurately reflect the value of your automobile. Many appraisers don't even leave their chair! Such appraisals will not hold up in court. Frequently, appraisers are also restorers, so you have to beware of conflicts of interest.

When you work with KC Auto Appraisal, you receive a quality appraisal that will stand up to scrutiny by insurance companies and in court:

  • Greg personally inspects every vehicle.
  • Greg proves the actual value of the car through comparables and price guides.
  • All documentation used in the appraisal is provided to the client.
  • Greg is trusted by insurance companies and has experience testifying in court to support appraisals.
  • Greg is not a commercial restorer or insurer: you can count on a fair, unbiased appraisal free of conflicts of interest.

When you do business with KC Auto Appraisal, you can be confident that your appraisal will hold up when you need it most.